The Harbor's Four Strategic Initiatives

Clarified and Adopted in May 2012

Strategic Initiative 1:

Make Disciples that Reproduce

Each believer is called to make disciples who also understand that they are called to make disciples who make more disciples and so on.

Disciple-making is a lifelong assignment and is a person-to-person process, not an institutional process. The larger Body of Christ supports each disciple as they disciple of others.

Strategic Initiative 2:

Provide Community

Provide the opportunity for “authentic community” for every person who is part of The Harbor.

Life-change only takes place in authentic community. “Head knowledge” of God alone is not enough. We must live as disciples.

Strategic Initiative 3:

Grow in Generosity!

Become increasingly generous stewards of your time, talents, spiritual gifts and resources.

God told us this growth was essential for each of us because He has so much more He wants to ask of us.

Strategic Initiative 4:

Raise up Champions!

Raise up the younger generations in your midst to be champions for Christ.

Our assigned goal is for our teens and children to be fully equipped and fearless disciples of Christ, not mere spiritual survivors.