The Harbor's Four Strategic Initiatives

Clarified and Adopted in May 2012

Strategic Initiative 1: Relational Discipleship

Objective: To Make Relational Discipleship a part of our congregational culture and equip every member to confidently pass on the core truths of the Christian faith in small, relational contexts.

We will all make disciples who make disciples who make disciples...

Strategic Initiative 2: Every-Member Community

Objective: To make home-based community available to everyone who attends The Harbor by establishing "Pastorates" where people grow together, care for one another, discover their gifts and "do life" together as they serve Christ.

Strategic Initiative 3: Staffing to Support New Culture

Objective: Realign and develop The Harbor's ministry team to effectively accomplish the first and second Initiatives as well as other ministry assignments as the Lord directs.

Strategic Initiative 4: Financial Development through Stewardship Training

Objective: Expand our ability to fully fund all new and ongoing ministry assignments and grow in our individual and corporate stewardship of all God has entrusted to us.