Our Philosophy of Ministry

Outward Focus: We exist for those not yet present! As a church we are called to be an instrument for Kingdom growth everywhere He sends us: from our neighbors to the nations. We are committed to Jesus’ call to intentionally cross our own cultural and geographic boundaries to impact the world. The Harbor is called to be a force, not a fortress.

Relational Evangelism: We believe Jesus called us as Christians to demonstrate with our lifestyle and verbally share our relationship with God with our family, friends and acquaintances. We sincerely ask God to give us His love for all people and intentionally develop our evangelism skills through the Just Walk Across The Room course.

Ministry by Gifts: As Christians we are called and gifted by God to minister to a needy world. We believe that God designed each of us and placed within us spiritual gifts, natural talents, and passions in keeping with His call on our lives. God calls us to serve in ways that are consistent with the gifts and talents. A Gifts Discovery Class is offered for the purpose of releasing people into their God-intended purposes.

Personal Growth is Intentional. Each of us is called by God to important roles in our family, Christ’s church and society. We must actively embrace the responsibility to prepare ourselves to fulfill these appointed roles. Adults are self-feeders!

Relational Community. Life change takes place through relationships. Relational Community is therefore foundational to developing disciples of Christ.

Public Worship Celebrations: Worship gatherings at The Harbor will be centered on celebrating what God has done among us, practical Biblical teaching and on all present experiencing the joy and reality of the living Christ in an understandable and relevant way.

The Supernatural is Natural. We believe that gifts of the Holy Spirit, miracles, healing, signs and wonders are normal and necessary for the establishment of God’s Kingdom. The Lord does these works through His people to confirm teh truth of the Gospel.

Decision Making: Decision making at The Harbor will be based on God’s eternal principles as revealed in Scriptures and will always seek to advance the Lord’s call on us as His people. Our personal preferences, comfort, relationships and human reason will be secondary to these expressions of God’s revealed will.

Ministry Development: Ministry at The Harbor will be developed in a permission-giving rather than a permission-withholding posture assuming proposed new ministries match our vision.

Church Governance: Oversight of the church is established according to leadership gifts, divine call and appointment. All persons called to positions of oversight will imitate Christ’s style of leadership which He taught to His disciples in Matthew 20: 25-28.