Pastorate Communities

What is a Pastorate?

A pastorate is a small community of people who commit to be “extended family” to each other.

At the Harbor, we believe people are fundamentally designed by God to live in community with other members of the Church. We need each other to carry out Christ’s mission in the word, to feel supported, express our gifts and pray for each other.

Our goal is for each 20-40 member pastorate to live together in authentic community, expressing love for each other and out to the people around them.

Each pastorate has an internal and external focus: to go deeper with each other but be open to new members at all times.

What do Pastorates do?

Pastorates are growth communities that develop friendships, grow in relationship with Christ, exercise everyone’s spiritual gifts and impact the world around them. It is a collaborative community - everyone is involved. They also have a service mission they do together to impact the greater geographical area around them.

During a pastorate gathering, we have food, fun, worship, teaching or testimony, prayer and time to share our hearts. It is a shared experience - everyone contributes to the meal and other elements of the pastorate gathering.


What Happens During a
Pastorate Meeting?

Food, Fun, Testimony, Prayer and Worship

Each meeting begins with dinner and fellowship; followed by worship, discussion time, prayer and dessert.

Ships Model (S.H.I.P.S.)

Here is a model to explain the meetings:

S = Share a meal together

H = Honor God through worship

I = Investigate Truth

P = Pray for one another

S = Serve each other and use what we have to help people in our world