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The Harbor has a new App!

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Our new app is

·       Easier to use

·       Tied to our church database

·       Provides better notifications

·       And is less expensive that our previous App


Additional features of the new App include:

·       Sermon notes

·       We will put the sermon notes (blue sheets) onto the app

·       You can add your own notes directly into the app!

·       Prayer requests

·       You can submit a private prayer request

·       As with the old app, these “Private” prayer requests go to the pastoral staff

·       The pastoral staff prays for your prayer requests each week

·       With the new app you can also put your prayer request on the “Prayer wall”

·       This is a public prayer request

·       All the users of the app can see it and join in prayer (You will need to create an account in order to use this feature)

·       Devotionals & Bible

·       A built in Bible app

·       2 daily devotionals

·       Growth and Community

·       Online version of our growth groups catalog

·       There is also an online Harbor Directory feature using a new tool called Engage

·       Online sermons

·       Can listen to almost every sermon for the past 3 years

·       Message Board

·       Kind of like our own facebook

·       All app users can see and weigh in (you must create an account and sign in)


The App also interfaces with a new tool called Engage. With Engage you can:

·       Give online, using single gift or recurring gift options, with your gift updating your giving record automatically

·       Your giving is tied directly into our church database

·       Easier for you to give

·       You can give to multiple funds in one transaction

·       More accurate  –  no duplicate data entry

·       More than a Giving platform

·       You can access your family’s information (phone numbers, email addresses, home address, etc) and notify us if changes are necessary

·       It provides real-time access to your giving record

·       It also provides an online church directory

·       Connect with others from The Harbor thru email and or phone by looking them up in the directory


The app is free and available in the iTunes and Google Play stores

Get the App