Growth Groups

Spring . . . a time of growth!

Every spring we celebrate both the renewal of nature and the renewal of the human race. Soon we will see nature bring new life in abundance. The sun will warm and the rains will fall. Natural growth will literally “spring to life.” It happens each springtime automatically with the change of seasons. But the renewal of the human heart is quite another matter.
Our spirits, like our minds, souls and bodies, grow healthy and strong only when fed, exercised and loved. God has provided all needed for growth in these realms…but He has left up to us the decision to expose ourselves to these things…or not.
If we want to grow spiritually we must cultivate our closeness to God through prayer, feed our minds with the nutriments of truth found in scripture and expose ourselves to the encouragement and support God gives His people through the Body of Christ.
This spring can be a fertile growing season at The Harbor for anyone who has a will to grow. Page through these pages and you’ll find on-going fellowships, extraordinary seminars, great classes, serving opportunities and more to feed your spirit, soul and mind.
Hey…it’s spring! Let’s grow!
Pastor Jim