Pastorate Communities

What is a Pastorate?

Simply put, a pastorate is a small community of between 20-40 people within the larger community of The Harbor. They function kind of like an extended family or a small congregation. They grow spiritually together. They “do life” together and have fun. They care for each other and serve one another. They also serve the larger community in some way. Pastorates are communities in which a person can develop friendships, grow spiritually, develop their spiritual gifts, help others grow, and impact the world — all in the context of caring, fun-filled relationships.

What do Pastorates do?

At The Harbor, we describe what pastorates do during the course of their gatherings using the acrostic of S.H.I.P.S :

S = Share a meal.

H = Honor God through worshipping together.

I = Investigate truth through sharing a scripture-based talk or a member’s testimony.

P = Pray for each other under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

S = Serve one another as well as needs outside the pastorate community.

How do I get plugged in to a Pastorate?

The best way to get plugged in to a pastorate is to take the first step of joining one of the pastorate gatherings. Every pastorate is unique because all the people who make them up are unique. You can attend several different Pastorates until you find one that fits you. Then you can connect yourself to that community of people.

If you’d like to learn more about Pastorates and receive some guidance in how to find one that’s right for you, contact Pastor Peter at

Some pastorates are currently underway. There are others that will be forming soon as well. Here is a list of the pastorates that are currently meeting.

Here is a list of the pastorates that are currently meeting.