Growth Groups

God Wants To Fuel Your Life

Have you ever had your car run out of gas? There are few things that will make you feel as helpless as having your car suddenly quit and roll to a stop. Your eyes go quickly to your dash board only to see a needle pointing straight at a big “E.” Running out of gas is never fun and may be dangerous. This is also true spiritually.

As we began this New Year I have been teaching a series of messages on Sundays focused on God’s plan to keep us fueled for whatever life sends our way….if we let Him. We have recognized the fact that living a life full of demands, as most of us do, can at times leave us dangerously drained. Our goal has been to identify God’s refueling plans and fully cooperate with them on a day-to-day basis.
This little catalog centers on four ways God wants to keep you fueled and strong. They are:

1. Being part of a community of fellow Christ-followers

2. Taking part in regular sessions of group prayer

3. Studying God’s principles for living based on His truths revealed in scripture

4. Opportunities to serve others through Love in Action

In addition to your personal times with God in prayer, scripture reading and reflection, I urge you to make involvement in one or more of these offerings a regular part of your life. God needs us to be useful servants as well as His healthy, joyful sons and daughters! In addition, there are many people who need you and me to be a blessing in their life and a positive witness for Christ. Let’s not let ourselves run out of gas by neglecting God’s plans to fuel our lives!

Fill’er up!

Pastor Jim